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Advertise with DAGFAS in our bi-annual magazine!

Want to promote your business or event and raise your profile? We are launching a new full – colour opportunity to advertise. *Members are eligible for a 10% reduction.

Starting with our Spring edition – due out on 28th February,

rates are as follows:

¼ page : £25    Size: 65 x 95 mm portrait

½ page : £45   Size: 133 x 95 mm landscape

Full page : £80   Size: 195 x 133 mm portrait

Less 10 % reduction for paid-up members of DAGFAS

Please send your copy as a pdf or jpeg  (300dpi) in the chosen size and format to: magazine@dagfas.org.uk.
We will invoice you once we have received your artwork

Deadline for copy for next edition : 14th February 2024

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Advertise with Us
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